Cholecystectomy (Laparoscopic)

Date: CEPOD: Surgeon:
Anaesthetist: Anaesthetic: ASA Grade: WHO Checklist: Antibiotics: Urinary Catheter:
Patient Position:
Prep and drape in sterile fashion. INCISION: SupraUmbilical Open Hasson 10 mm. 10 mm epigastric, 5mm right Sub costal and 5mm right lumbar under direct vision. FINDINGS:
Elongated Gall Bladder PROCEDURE: Correct identification of anatomical structures Cystic duct and artery identified and dissected. Critical view achieved. Hem-O-loks applied. Cholecystectomy performed in standard fashion. Hemostasis and biliostasis ascertained in surgical bed. Washout with Normal Saline. Suction irrigation. No. 20 F drain put in right subphrenic area Counting of Surgical Instruments and textiles informed as correct. Gall Bladder brought out using BERT bag umbilical port CLOSURE:
No. 1 PDS box stitch to fascia for Umbilical & Epigastric port 3.0 monocryl subcuticular sutures
Interrupted sutures to skin Dressings POST OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS:
Observations Q4H
Empty drain at 08:00 daily
Post operative bloods tomorrow (dd/mm)